Our Uniqueness

At the Figurra Institute, we possess several qualities that distinguish us from our peers.

  • We have the distinction and privilege of having a certified dermatologist on staff, specializing in skin diseases and conditions. She also happens to be our founder and president. This means that every evaluation includes a one-on-one meeting with a medical professional who knows and understands what is best for you and your body. This allows us to provide our clients (and our employees) with a service offering that is unique to our region.
  • The collective experience of the Figurra team accounts for more than 50 years in delivering over 22,000 laser treatments and administering more than 20,000 BOTOX® & fillers injections over the years.
  • Every product and treatment we offer has been tried and tested by members of our staff. Thus, we not only possess the medical and educational knowledge of the services and procedures we provide, we have first-hand experience with them.
  • dr-chiasson tall2Our team's dedication to continuing education keeps us abreast of the best treatments and technologies and enables our clinic to provide the greatest range of tools for cosmetic and laser dermatology.
  • Our Institute is nestled in a natural, harmonious environment to which our clients can escape and experience professional medical and surgical care in a spa-like atmosphere.

"We take a whole person approach to skin and body wellness. Our focus is on the root issues, not just the surface appearance. In a very real way, we see ourselves as artists helping to restore the masterpiece that is you"
- Dr. Chantal Chiasson